Sunday, July 11, 2010

OKU allowance

Yahoo ! Teddy Bear FINALLY has his FIRST bank account at the age of 44 :) , not only that , he also has money allowances. Last year June, we applied for the non-working OKU allowance. It was rejected because we over-qualified - household income high. 2 mths ago, miracle happened, I received a letter asking us to go JKM ( Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat ) to receive the monthly allowances. Viola , I count this as durian-runtuh lor , as I haven't appeal nor re-submit the 2nd application, rezeki sudah datang .....The requirement states that so long the person is OKU and not fit to work, he/she can get the allowance , so by right - we shouldn't have to be interviewed on one long list of 'assets', 'cars', 'household incomes' etc etc .... All my family members are taxpayers, we pay the taxes , and we also have to support our OKU brother, so if Goven't allocated some subsidy for them, it is his right to apply for it ....we are saving that money for his medical expenses.
The other thing I wish another miracle will happen - which is the tax deduction for one of the family member who is taking care of OKU folk. Msia tax law is that only father / mother of the OKU can claim the handicap deduction. My case is father tak ada liow, mother not working, the siblings are the one helping to take care of him, yet none of us entitle for any tax deduction. The only way to go about is one of us has to adopt Teddy Bear as our son , which is ridiculas leh ...aiiii
** if any of you want to help other OKU folks to apply for this allowance and don't know how to go about , please ping me ....

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