Friday, July 23, 2010

rich resources land .....

come to think about my country , it's a lovely place actually .... it has lots of sunlight, lots of rain and no serious 'disasters' such as earthquake, tornado yet. I received a filter reminder note today , reminding me to change my kitchen filter, yea , every year , I gets this same reminder , and it started since 20 years ago , amazing - isn't it. For a company to continuously send reminder to me, remembering me - a small customer who bought a kitchen filter system ( BTW, the filters are made and from England still , not china made punya ...) For this 'B' company , I salute them & give them a thumbs up.... ok, in the reminder letter, they also share other products, I saw their latest 'Rain Water Harvesting system'. Then I googled and checked on it.... apparently , in Johor, a local professor published a good paper on this topic. For them , to get all the things ready for Rain Harvest System is only less than RM2000. ( exclude labor charges)..... 'B' filter company also offer their products, they even partnered pilot projects in Sime Darby homes ...that is so wonderful. For a country which has plenty of rain waters - it make sense for us to recycle rain water , channel them into home or commercial use, avoid flood , save water bill , save the earth .... Then conserve energy , use sunlights for electricity, build home which uses the sunlights well - bring lights into the home ....I am now dreaming of my 'GREEN dream home' - single storey with 5 rooms , 3 to 4 bathrooms , 1 dry kitchen, 1 wet kitchen , 1 TV room , 1 living room , 1 huge store room ....this dream home is using rainwater , natural sunlights plus other 'green' technology. How sad, only if Govn't knows how to use natural resources wisely, to reduce the rakyat's pain, make our pocket more 'kembang' yea. Why I say Govn't .... coz right now, anything to do with 'green' better technology - usually is very very pricy. If the policy makers can make all these transparent, and apply to more users - spread the costs out, make things cheaper for us to use. I always get questions from my mat salleh friends, how come Msia don't conserve energy ? don't use this , don't use that ..... I always said 'entah, I also wonder why .....'


Ringgit said...

I totally agree with what you said but I just want to comment on the Mat Salleh part.

If you remember my blog: the Mat Sallehs have centralized a/c in their home, whether or not a room is used. They are a huge resource waste in a very big scale and is very serious which prompted the gov to do something.

We may not have such a problem with their scale.

Anti-Ringgit said...

You mean you still couldn't figure out why it's pricy? Sub sub sub sub sub sub la!