Friday, July 30, 2010

2D movie ?

My nephew from LA is back in town for a visit, now that he's a teenager , he is more particular on things to do more I say go here, he'll follow :( - that time 'was' over. Now , need to seek his agreenment on what food to order for him, what clothes to buy for him etc etc ....well, this is the teenager stage, he is in the 'identity' stage. Anyway, 6 things that make him very happy :-
1. eating beef /steak
2. good movie
3. starbuck caramel frappucino
4. maggie mee curry flavour
5. coke
6. McD

This week, we went for 3 movies ( what a luxury treat for me ), watched Inception, Salt and Toy Story 3D.... when I bought tickets online for Salt, it keeps promoting 2D ...I was curious why 2D ? how can it be 2D ? coz the normal movie we watch is memang 2D already , then how and why there is new category 2D ni ??? .....being curious and rushing, I didn't find out more , just paid for the ticket and watched. Hmmm , if u ask me, I think it's a 'cheating' , it's the same as normal movie ....normal movie at MV is $12, 2D version is $14 ....I think I paid more for nothing. Next round, I'll just stick to the normal version ...
My american nephew who is only 14 yrs old loves Inception, he said it's a cool movie and smart people understand this movie , for those of you who watch this , perhaps I can do a liite test on you :P


TZ said...

so what is 2D movie exactly? I also curious to find out but i already watch the SALT with free passes from 8TV on Monday :p

Lily Riani said...

2d? am curious

Anti-Ringgit said...

Eh kampung girl .. 2D tu means Digitalised and supposed to be sharper print la. the other normal movie u saw usually not as sharp one .. try to locate angelina jolie pimple next time on 2D!

Bahija said...

AR , the 2D i went - nampak same aje , no diff la, I still say tak payah buang duit :P