Tuesday, June 29, 2010

homemade italian meatball spagetti

This year March, I hosted a mat salleh friend from Oregan. He sent his 'secret' Italian meatball spagetti' to me, tonight I tried....it tasted so well , awesome .... most important , it's so easy to prepare. Put all in slow cooker , then masak aje. I like it.

Today in office , my customer said to me, she wants to introduce mat salleh to me. Then she stopped and repeated "Mat Salleh ni nama dia Mat Salleh, bukan 'mat salleh' orang asing tu' .....gosh, I had a good laugh about this..... hmm, now I realize 'Mat Salleh' is a legitimate bahasa name eh... Malay version nickname the caucasion mat salleh, the chinese labelled them 'ang mou' which literally means 'bulu merah'. The other day , someone also told me a chinese who doesn't speak/know chinese is labelled as 'banana' ....Then an indian who doesn't know how to speak indian is labelled 'coconut' as in the old coconut - brown color outside, inside white :P


TZ said...

so when are you going to cook for me... your nice and yummy homemad italian meatball :p

Ringgit said...

Banana is a common term. But coconut is new to me!

Anonymous said...

Impressive meatballs. You have become quite a cook. If you are still lookin for good recipe and have an oven, I have one for yummy banana bread. Let me know....Huey-Tien