Monday, March 15, 2010

family trip to ChiangMai

Bahija went for a family trip to ChiangMai last weekend .... ChiangMai is quite an interesting place to visit. We went to Golden Triangle - crossed boarder to Laos and Burma . We also visited the different tribes from Myammar, Burma or Laos they stayed in Thailand as they are the tourists 'hunting items' .... about 30 mins drive from the city of ChiangMai , the Thai government relocated a small group of Karen tribe aka the long neck tribe , from Thai boarder to this place , it's just a super duper small village with a few bamboo houses .... the karen tribes stayed there , they are to show face themselves, selling some tourist products. We, the tourists paid entrance fees to visit them, then we get to take photos with them , and in return, most of them will asked us to buy things from them .... I actually spent quite some money on different souvenirs from them ( which was way overly priced ) ....the young girl at the age of 2 started to wear the heavy brass ring , the rings will be increased as they age .... they sleep , shower, live with the rings....they are super heavy. very kelian to see them wearing the heavy rings around their neck , they cannot turn their neck nor can they nod their heads.... interesting !!
As usual, the Lord blesses me with good favor, I didn't receive any escalation on work issues during my vacation overseas. The next day when I arrived home until today - I was busy solving various issues, happy that I've enjoyed the trip peacefully :)


Lily Riani said...

allla.... upload please... becos wahidah n me didnt go wor..

TZ said...

i also wanna pay a visit to Chiangmai after reading your post.

rotitelur said...

bila pergi holiday with me?