Monday, November 29, 2010


Bahija had a wonderful weekend with some good old friends. We missed the fun time that we used to have back in the old days :) .... One of the 'influencer' asked us to watch 'so cial net work' , and we blindly went for midnight movie at 11:50 pm ( betul-betul kena 'jampi' by this influencer )... well, we enjoyed it. After the movie, some of us went home wikipedia la, image googled la - trying to find out more, and to verify which part is fiction and which part is true story etc etc, I am still 'kek-poying'. I wonder if this is the human nature of suka 'kekpoh' ? why am I so interested to find out about their real faces, their true story etc etc ? I reckon these are 'healthy behaviours' , to find out how those smart genious can be so successful, as well to find out how the deals went sour .... macam learning from history la. I salute fb, started 2004, within such a short time, it is so 'in' and almost everyone is in this network, it change the history of networking.. so that is the trigger point motivating me to want to know more ( healthy punya ) ....Anyway, those of you who haven't seen this wayang gambar, go check it out. I think whoever who ada fb account will find it interesting lor...

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TZ said...

Hehehe... You go facebook eh~
I was meeting Mr. Potter last weekend.