Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Holidays & Xin Nian Kuai Ler !!

Hi Hi all ..... hipppie , it's TGIF and we are off for Chinese New Year :) .... I am so looking forward to the break. Mum and sister will be going to Egypt, I will stay home one week to take care of teddy bear....that will be a great time for me to catch up with sleep, rest, class assignment and reseach, closing of my ledger and accounting etc etc .... see, one week break - still tak cukup punya , nevertheless, better than none.

This year, I received my first Tiger ang pow from a tiger leh, hehehe...Sanguine Queen gave me an angpow. I also wanted to thank Sanguine Queen for the free shipment of my windows 7. During the CNY break, I also need to upgrade my PC from vista to windows 7 , and test the customer tools , if all OK , then I can safely migrate my notebook , I'm not vista fan la , vista really kuku one ...aiii , asyik closed my windows - gila betul !

Oh, a friend from US came back with 2 kids , I can't wait to meet them.
To all my readers, Safe journey to wherever you are going , Happy Holidays , Happy Blessed Healthy Tiger Year :) ...


Lily Riani said...

happy cny & V day dearie. work life balance yah

Kancil said...

Happy New Year