Saturday, February 06, 2010

being poor ....

Today, my classmate who used to be working in the corporate world, she was a Project Manager in one of the big insurance company, quits and be a special kid teacher in Mont Kiara. Today, she kept pouring out her 'pain', being a teacher is very low pay, after months into this line, now, she seriously feel the pain and being in a 'poor' stage. She said being noble is one thing, but being able to go thru life with money is one thing, right now, she needs to look into giving tuitions , to earn extra pocket money... Aiii, I know what she meant. I salute her courage , at least she took the step forward and doing it.

My class is filled with many good hearted folks from all walks of life , I can see that they are passionate and compassion , and really want to make a difference being a special kid teacher. Imagine if our education system or public schools are filled with passionate teacher like them , that would be so wonderful. But I need to stress is - with better paycheck of course.

I have this dream of running a special kid center, it is still a dream now as it is NATO - No Action Talk Only, today , I still cannot quit my secular job being an IT consultant, and jump right into caring community work - reason is I cannot survive the 'poorer' lifestyle yet. Having said that , if I keep saying I cannot I cannot , then it will end with 'I cannot' .... for now, at least I have started to lay some foundations eg property investments as my passive income, getting help and organize my own household issue, try to stay healthy so that I can do more , spending less time in secular world and trying to increase more time in community work, trying to adapt to a simplier lifestyle - such as less starbucks , more 3 in 1 coffee or mamak coffee , less branded shopping and more F.O.S shopping, know where to get good bargain , cook and eat more at home .... reflect back on my life journey so far , I think I have changed quite a bit and slowly adapting, the Lord has slowly opens the right doors and guiding me towards the right path. All this takes time and preparation, I don't know where I'll be landed, plan can change instantly , but for now, I am just going to enjoy the blessing and the ups and downs journey ! If I don't try , I'd never know the outcome ....

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TZ said...

hmmm... let's the pass career be a nice memory. I also got a pay cut to join my current company... but at least i still in the corporate world.


I think your frenz is doing half work and half charity... Kudoz for your frenz :)