Tuesday, May 04, 2010

exam this sat :(

I have assignment and exam this sat - may 8 .... at my age, I find it hard to concentrate on memorizing the terminology , the theories ya de dah, ya de deeee.....aiiii. Anyway, no choice , must study well and get a reasonable grade la , else wasted. May I have the force to study and prepare well !!!


TZ said...

All the best to your study eh~
I think i have to keep up the pace on getting my year 2010 certification done :p

Anti-Ringgit said...

in the past if u fail u hv no rice to eat .. now u failed .. u still can eat till gemuk coz u got the job .. the pressure is totally different!

but just imagine this .. your learning ability will decline as you aged. if you don't pass now .. u may never pass for the rest for yr life! motivated? i hope so

Lily Riani said...

good luck yah! may u pass with flying colours

Anti-Ringgit said...

Or pass with flying pan .. cook at home since u r expert now