Thursday, November 02, 2006

tinted glass

on my personal belonging list, the most important thing that I can't live without - is my sweety car. Just the other day - in the morning, when my sweety broke down - I was in chaotic, couldn't go anywhere nor do anything ..... felt so helpless. I can't locked myself at home for 1 day lah, lunch and dinner also ada masalah if I dun hv car :) hehehe

See la, how important is my sweety to me ...hmm, so I should have given her a good treat by installing the tinted glass la .... aiyuh , my mind entah brain apa , I could spend hundreds on make-up, on perfumes - but neglecting this little important thing , protecting me from UV and sun tan wor .... my to do list , to give 'her' a treat pretty soon ( can u imagine, sudah 11 yrs , still belum tinted - aiyuh )

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