Tuesday, November 28, 2006

funding expenses

One of my friend is planning on his wedding. During the conversation - he mentioned that he won't left Bahija and Wau Bulan out , as he needs us, our angpow to fund his expenses ..... hmm, Bahija is against this statement, that's wrong.

Wau Bulan replied to me :
That’s why my dad always against big wedding ceremonies for his kids (THANK GOD!!) coz for us - and I think generally any religions & races – the ceremony is to mark the occasion and sharing the joy, happiness, food etc. If u had big weddings, u grumbled coz u spent a lot of $$ and also expect people to give u $$. So it defeats all the good purposes & intentions of the ceremonies. U don’t get the ‘merit points’ for giving people the food etc, coz it wasn’t really ‘sincere’ – it was done to show off ur wealth & u expect something ($) in return

I'm same wavelength as Wau Bulan ...

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rotitelur said...

Your friend is a very practical person but I think there is nothing wrong being practical in these days. I believe your friend did not invite you because he wants your money or gift than your presence in his big day.

What if he is that kind of person???? He is your friend, you would know. If you doubt his intend, then I suggest you find an excuse not to go and pretend you forgot to give ang pau.