Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sungai Kucing !

Geeee, cuaca here really really PANAS - siow ! yesterday & today 36 - 38 degree (extremely HOT) , super dry as well... walking under the sun from car to the store - just a short distance also - i felt the pain - i kesian my delicate skin - this hot cuaca made me pening kepala (like tekanan too strong inside my head) - very bad leh....aiyuh, I'm on my second bottle of sun block now, I look like a orang melayu liow lah .... errrrrr :(
Despite the unbearable cuaca, I still decided to watch my first baseball game @ Padang Raley. The host was 'Sungai Kucing' ( translate from Malay to English ). Bahija tentu bought the shaded ticket lah, finally I sweat :) How's the first baseball game experience ? hmm hmm, I liked the experience, but the game is a bit too slow , not as kat cheong loh .... tried satu kali - cukup liow !!


点点滴滴 said...

I also had my first baseball game match in March. Even though it was spring, but sitting under the hot sun from 11am till 3pm is not fun at all. Once in the life time is enough for me. :)

Kancil said...

Welcome back!

rotitelur said...

Sungai Kuching!!!!

I ran this phase in my mind for 5 mins, it sounds so familiar but I could not remember what or where it is.

I need to make a visit back home soon.

dockers pant said...

I can't imagine you can translate this to "Sungai Kucing"... so funny :-)