Thursday, July 28, 2005

wkend getaway

Bahija taking 1 day off, goin OR besok, to visit HT. This trip was cancelled weeks ago bcoz I kena oncall .... I'm just so pleased that I still can make it :) My boss is kind of 'animated' , I can easily tell from his facial expression if he agree / dun agree / happy / angry etc ... When I brought this topic to him, somehow he didn't seem happy about this. Before I left office today, I seeked to understand more - then he told me that he's worrying about me, I told him I'm OLD lah, no need to worry. Then he talked to me as if like my daddy ....ambui, treated me like a small little girl. I do understand he is hosting me as visitor, so he doesn't want anything tak bagus happen to his visitors la. Oh well, our final decision was - I have to call him when I arrive in major cities daily. There were once, he was checking on me and my other friend, to make sure we weren't pick up by mat sallehs ....aiyuh! Hmm, long time tak being treated like a small girl :) Speaking of which, something happened between Bahija and her mum .... I have yet to call her - I guess I dunno how to start the conversation liow - malu kuah. Last night, AGAIN, at the red traffic light, there's a super duper old lady in the car next to me ( she's in passenger seat). She super slow turned her head, looked at me - showed her pity face - all wrinkled and looked suffering....geee , i takut !!

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Kancil said...

How nice to have someone care about you in foreign country.