Friday, July 08, 2005

Attitude and Experience

By Ralph Marston

Perhaps you think that your attitude on any particular day depends on the things you experience that day. But actually it is the other way around.

The things you experience do not cause you to have a particular attitude. Instead , the quality and substance of your experiences are what reveal your attitude.

Your attitude is yours to choose. And by choosing your attitude, you can choose the kind of life you live.

Yes, there will be plenty of events coming along that are completely beyond the control of you or your attitude. Yet your attitude will most definitely determine how you experience each of those events.

If your attitude is negative and destructive, you'll find pain, disappointment and dismay in even the most wonderful circumstances. Yet when your attitude is positive, creative, thankful and joyful, you'll find real hope and valuable possibilities in even the most unfortunate events.

Rather than assuming that your attitude is dictated by events, choose to maintain a positive attitude no matter what may come along. By so doing, you'll be choosing a life of real value and meaning.


Lately, Bahija is joyful. I learned to appreciate things - be thankful for just a simple little thing. It truely is a wonderful experience ....slowing down, sitting down, taking time to be appreciative of anything and anyone who comes spice up my life - lighten up my spirit, put a smile on my round face :) I would like to associate this as God blessings .......and His Love !

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