Friday, July 15, 2005

hectic training

I should say it is indeed a privilege to be trained one on one by the software developer. You know the guru behind who write the codes - one who sort of knows everything, anything on a particular product he/she created ! - made me such a little tiny small ant. I've had many other opportunities to work with the i-kei's lab folks - those I called them the geniuos ....met one of them personally back home as well - he is exactly like Eistein - rambut putih, kelam-kabut, talk really really technical and everything related to the baby he owned la. Those days were me taking all sort of dumps - then late nights or early calls - then ftp over to the lab folks for analysis and debugging or product enhancement. This round pula, it's interesting - the subject matter expert stays with me 9 - 5 pm, monday to friday, including lunches .... pretty much stuck with me - just me alone leh. I shall have a memory leak pretty soon, there are so so much new information need to be stored. He sat next to me, very sabar teach me what to do, what command to type etc etc - but the frustration part was I don't even have the min OS knowledge - eg unix Vi editor - aiyuh, this to me is like taking typing class 101, not only type slow, a lot of time frustrated entah what i did , the command screwed up etc etc etc this experienced guru - I also pity him, he is spending his valuable 5 days here with me, ajar me slowly how to Esc K, $, unix slash, dos slash, cw, w , diff, ps -ef , grep etc etc ...hahahaha - kind of cacat to have such an experienced guru doing this leh .... Salute his kesabaran, and professionalism - to prepare me - get me ready for whatever new tasks I need to do ..... Hmm, at this moment, I'm thankful that I've him - a good guru to teach me the basic highlevel things ...there are many other underlying things which I don't know, and yet to discover - but this 5 days - been a very fruitful days - coz I learned a lot, see some underlying codes / steps where one cannot find from reading manuals lah .... the challenge now is that hope Bahija betul2 commited all the 'transactions' in the memory - and can recall next time. Mr JW, terima kasih for being here for me this week. Yesterday he asked me to recommend a non-travel book about my country - he said he's sitting next to me, couldn't strike useful conversation because he doens't know my country well ? oh oh , so pai sek, I have no good answer for him ..... seached mph, kinnokuniya, popular - hmm, can't find a really good one leh readers, u guys ada suggestions ?

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ringgit said...

When it comes to books, ask ringgit:
Culture Shock Malaysia is a good book. Will tell him about the Malaysian culture, how people behave, our values, etc..

Or ask him to read The Star Online...

Or this is a good website