Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Auto parts shopping trips

I have this little assignment from bro-in-law, to help him find some parts. Today, took the time to wander around various towns doing this errant. Again, I fall in love with 'GPS' - aiyuh, without it, entah how I can go so many places - some weird places like recycle place leh..hehe

I just want to list down the places I went today, coz I don't do this thing punya - not my shopping list at all - new to me - and chances of forgeting them - FAST - so just list down here ( may be lain kali I use this list to negotiate with bro-in-law for his favors - haha ). I salute Amerincan, especially on the way they handle customers. When they cannot serve me in one store, they will suggest other alternatives, kindly direct me to their competitors. Some even helped me called up the yellow pages or the next store, helped to get the address or contact info .... geeee - back home - my experience was 'NO, sorry we don't sell this , end with FULL STOP'

1.Autozone @FM
2.Central 4Wheel Drive @RC
3.4Wheel parts @ Sac
4.Kragen Auto Part @ FM
5.Truckstuff @ Rville
6.Tognotti's @ Sac
7.Auto recycle streets @ RC ( I amazed loh - the street name is called recycle street - all the car dealers have their recycle stores along this road - isn't this wonderful - make consumer life so easy ) - recycle here means the 'tong chek fok' in cantonese - recycling used old junk cars or accident cars ....

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