Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why I takut hitam ?

Early this morning, a friend of mine told me that her sister was injured in a robbery @ work. She was shot ….aiyuh – luckily she’s ok now , being hospitalized. Prayer for her well being. Here I talked about me takut orang hitam. This is part II …I tell u why …..I’m not prejudice towards them ….just that bad experience made me takut them. Moons ago uni time, Ring Ring and myself joined our friends to KC for grocery in Chinese market. We only got to do this once in a while – we need to asked favor to tumpang orang (yeah, sometimes felt weak, felt pai sek, felt thick face - dun really like that - no choice) – so to both of us, this kind of opportunity was golden opportunity. One weekend, our friend Andrew drove us to KC, after the yummy dim sum and full load of groceries, we happily headed home loh. Tapi on the way, ter-sesat, Andrew made a wrong exit, we ended up in an hitam neighbourhood. From the look of the neighbourhood, one can easily tell that place was not safe …...of course we quickly wanted to leave that area ….then suddenly we heard gun shots – a few times …. Ring Ring, Grace and myself were sitting behind – we turned around – saw the car behind us shooting the car in front of us - we kena 'sandwiched'…..aiyuh ….we screamed and screamed, heads down – seluar may be wet if ‘kap’….scared. Adam and Andrew were in front. At that huru-hara moment, Andrew still drove his car, he also shocked, didn’t know what to do, only knew to keep on driving…..then after 2 blocks of shooting, the car in front made a fast right turn, and viola, the shooter followed. And we were out of the trap. We were all quiet , no one said anything at all, too frightened. Andrew continued to drive – made his way out to the freeway and a safe place. Then we stopped. Got out of the car, took a deep breathe – relaxed our stiff muscles – recovered our mind. Another time in Chicago, next to Chinatown was the hitam area again, friend parked his car along the road – went Chinatown makan yummy food. Balik, his car tyres sudah tak ada – aiiii. I scared when I was alone in SF near this kind of area … kidding. Now,I still could recalled well how fast - the fear while I wallop my burger – and got my tummy upset with me ….should have just left the restaurant – walked back to the theatre. I'm not saying that the theatre district or the places bahaya lah …just that I super takut this kind of people approaching me. Just scared the hell out of me. I just need to be extra careful and be alert, never want to be regretted for not paying attention on my personal safety.


anti-ringgit said...

Wei, very exciting leh! But let's not conclude 1 case to the whole race lah. You belum jumpa Hitam Manis Yet!

ringgit said...

Hahahahaaha... ask Letchumiew.. she may tell you how manis hitam is... :P :P :P