Friday, July 01, 2005

Not my day ............

Today just isn’t my day – whole day nothing seem to work well for me … new team member FFK me for an important meeting– lunch partner FFK me, whole day troubleshooting this network problem – still at stage one ( I memang hate networking – my brain auto shut down whenever I have to deal with network thingy ….aiiii ) …besok dunno how to face it. Anyway, I’m so glad that I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S just now - laughing out loud. Tonight episode was on Dr Monkey – Chandler and Ross both fighting on who thought of the Dr Monkey’s joke first, hillarious lah sebab I teringat someone – he has Dr title , recently blog dia laku ….hmm hmm, then his nickname also Mah Lou - LOL.

Sometimes ‘waktu siang don’t talk about other people’ - --> AR and myself were chatting on this T, suddenly he pop up. Purposely created IM account – coz I never log on to Yahoo punya. This is an example of why I find certain people irritating.

T: eh, can I have your address ?
B: y ?
T: I want to buy things, send to your place, wat’s ur address ?
B: wat r u buying ?
T: Dunno yet …no time check ebay yet

Hmmm, he memang caught me at the wrong time liow lah …..

B: wat lah u ! u r 2 much leh
B: dunno wat to buy, yet want me to bring back 4 u , never even tell me wat things
B: then u buy n buy n buy – all ship to me …..
B: sorry, limited luggage space

T: wat u bought ?
T: y no space ?
T: wat u bought leh ?
T: u bought dbx books , iz it ?

Hmmm, wait a minute, who is asking for favor ? do I owe him an answer of what I bought ? Does he needs to grant me permission ?

B: sorry dude, can’t help you
T : yuh

B: bye

Frankly, I may be able to find ways to help if I wanted to , the choices are mine. Friends who know me, I will do my best if I can, if things don’t get into my way – sometimes to me, it is just ‘soon pin’ on the way kind of thing – and I’m more than happy to help. This trip, many friends politely asked me if I mind helping them ….. and so far – the answers were all yes. Average I go to Post Office 2 times a week – to collect all sort of items. This case today, Bahija may be sensitive, but I just don’t feel being respected. I just think he should nicely ask me if I can help him, instead of taking my address, reversed - ini 'push' strategy ..... sorry dude - Bahija is not keen in 'push' strategy - It irritated me. Am I rude ?


点点滴滴 said...

I don't think this is rude, we need to know how to say "NO". I support you!

ringgit said...

I support you also. I dislike people like T who feels like I owe it to him. I mean, these people want to save on SHIPPING COST but they forgot that the person who were carrying the things back to them have to incur more that shipping cost: back pain, arm pain, huge luggage, then back in the country, have to meet up, drink tea cost, etc... all just to save RM20 shipping cost. What is this????????


I'm exception lar.. coz I Sensitive New Age Guy and I BEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG first :P :P :P :P