Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4th & fireworks

Well, one of my wish came true , so to speak. I made it to July 4th Fireworks and celebration. The day before , drove up to a friend's house - which is located 3500 ft elevation up on the mountain - weather so so so nice, cool ....surrounded by cedar trees, pollock pines - the scenary just so wonderful, coupled with FRESH air - quiet - the perfect way of winding down, lepak with good company of friends, and BBQ. I should said I hate BBQ back home, too hot , too heaty makan those chicken wings and hotdogs. Yesterday, it is totally a different feeling - aiii, a nice cool weather do the trick ! Hey, I got some BBQ tips from the chef, lain kali - let's try this out - look at the picture - ada scallop, shrimp, teriyaki chicken, cocktail chicken - as compared to our version of chicken wings and hotdogs aje ( those that I know lah )

Then today, I did something stupid or kiasu .... u see, most places have sales on July 4th weekend. I realized that things that I bought a week ago, now most of them on sales - aiyuh. I gave a thought and a mini calculation, at the end, I decided to be kiasu, I re-visited the stores, bought another set of things ( this time most of them either USD 10 cheaper or 30% discount lah). I was also lucky, managed to find the same sizes - so there I was, first trip to buy, second trip to return last week's items .....hmmm, I know this is ridiculas, but hor , at the end of the whole troublesome tasks, I saved RM 200 wor ....tu a lot of money leh to me, it is 'dai' loh :P

After the hectic buy & return sessions, 7 pm - drove to Taman Hagan @ RC - wow - huge park - full of people - families, kids, old folks, handicapped folks as well - very riuh-rendah - there was also a carnival ( it's a neat way of spending the holiday with family or friends loh) ..... Here cuaca memang sedap , day time - panas ( which mat salleh suka so much), then by 7pm , the cuaca cools down a lot - super fast - people like Bahija need a jacket liow - so har, again, I said 'cool' weather do the trick, it was so nice sitting or laying on the field, watching, counting stars, listening to the concert, songs ...also smelled orang lain punya BBQ ( most families setup camps - and did their BBQ right at the park). I enjoyed the fireworks :) - I'm glad I made it ( after talking for so many times / years ) , not that I tak pernah seen fireworks, just that I'm longing for the experience loh. The first time I watched fireworks was with my Uni friends @ Disney World, Florida. Second time with Yaya & Chinamo @ DisneyLand, LA. Third time in KLCC @ Red House - with Dragon ( & her family) , AR, Ringgit and other friends from I-kei - that was new year eve was a nice evening - wonderful company, nice fireworks .... Tonight punya also nice , because it was accompanied by loud patriotic songs - when I watched the fireworks - and the songs played out loud - there is this 'patriotic' mode within my heart - it sunk in .....wait a min, I ter-salah liow ( cantonese say 'run dog) - mine shld be Aug 31 lah, hehe.

Well, earlier - I was a bit dissappointed that my Canada trip tak jadi, then Oregan trip also tak jadi - then I said 'things happen for reasons' - haha. It truly is - I spent time with friends, did what a typical American does on Independence Day - 1) Shopping 2) BBQ 3)Fireworks , blissful weekend - and dun forget - saved $200 leh ..... shld be joyful and thankful , kan :)


ringgit said...

Makes me wanna go Australia!

YaYa said...

Ah...yaya is lucky to see SF, Boston, D.C and NYC July 4th fireworks.