Sunday, July 03, 2005

Maps vs GPS

When I was schooling here, I learned to read maps – it was so useful. US road system & signs are well maintained and systematic. Wherever I go, first thing first was to get a local map, then figure out the directions. I’m so used to a physical map. Now there is this GPS ( Global Positioning System) or Hertz calls it ‘Never Lost’ system. Last trip, I was too proud and sombong, I actually teased my colleagues who used GPS – I said they should use their brain to figure out the directions, wow – kind of harsh and sombong yeah …..hehe, apa lah, Bahija now gave in as well, I’m using GPS. Well, it is indeed a wonderful tool especially when one is traveling alone, when I’m on the road driving, observing traffics, making various turns, it’s just so cool to have GPS. It’s even best when I made the wrong turns, GPS automatically rerouted for me, tell me where to go, instead of me stopping my car, pull out the map, read and figure out , then hafal the road names and try to make my way right. The information is always up todate, can also search for hospital, gas station, restaurants…so it’s really cool - Hmm, tu lah, pride kabul-kan my mind, my eyes – I apologize to my fellow friends :) Now, people use GPS for hiking, cycling, boating - it is a neat gadget to bring along - more like a safety item liow - never get lost wor , haha

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rotitelur said...

The first time I used it was in 2001. I was in US for business. I just love this gadget, feel so safe driving alone.