Friday, November 11, 2005


Thesedays, colleagues around me kept pouring out their frustration on work, especially on the role of project manager. Their PM play 'tai-chi', not accoutable for their own job roles ....Now, I myself is one of the victim here. Personally, PM is not an easy job, one has to be able to oversee the whole project, able to control within the project, good in managing, documenting, people management, build relationship, making sure the project is profitable or successful, also must know how to escalate. My coming project, consider as 2nd class key player and a free volunteer, yet don't know the project status. Asked for updates, info come piece by piece, sien. What is the role of the PM ? The PM never keep me in the loop of the overall project status, there could be a project status meeting or checkpoint or something - I dunno as I didn't get invited or there could be none may be. Working along - there are many many components missing, not in place, kelam-kabut .... for a simple project implementation chart and timeline - I also didn't see them being published. This worry me that my company is challenging us to move to xx million revenue company, aiiii - an obvious gap - people are not utilizing their best skills / resources. Here I am ada free time to blog, coz I'm sien and dunno when can I start my setup, and for 2 days, my project team members all Missing In Action ....

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