Friday, November 11, 2005

come - holy spirit

I just logged on to check my emails ... first email popped up - 'welcoming the holy spirit' - WOW. Tonight, I attended prayer meeting - because I need to pray for strength, family protection and wisdom, plus church mega Hebron project. Prayer title was 'Come Holy Spirit' - so I closed my eyes prayed and prayed, Come, Holy Spirit, I need You; Come, sweet Spirit, I pray; Come in Your strength and Your power; Come in Your own special way , after quite some time of focused praying...... then entah how, I spoke in tongue's still a shock to me as I'm blogging , I'm not sure if I really can speak in tongue now or some other illusion .... need to clarify this with my mentors later ..... but so kiew , as I was driving home , thinking hard, worrying , confused - here I am, received the word of the day in my mail box 'welcoming the holy spirit' :)

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ringgit said...

Hey, isn't that a song? :)
I learned that speaking in tongue means praising God in His own language. No human language can praise Him enough. You are very lucky!