Wednesday, November 09, 2005


So Kiew, tonight TAR Family edition were in Grand Canyon :) they were boating in Colorado River to Lake Powell ... nice to view GC. If I ever get ample time next round, I would go for a camping trip at the canyon or water-rafting trip along Colorado River, or other national parks. Friends told me there are many more nicer canyons such as Bryce, Zion canyons up north at Utah ...There are 7 forgotten modern wonders :-
1. Gateway Arc
2. Aswan High Dam
3. Mt Rushmore National Memorial
4. Petronas twin towers
5. Hoover Dam
6. Clock Tower ( Big Ben )
7. Eiffel Tower

Being Msian, we automatically covered one liow , I've completed 1 to 5. Next year targeting 6, hopefully 7 as well. There is an Eiffel Tower hotel in LV, the tower is half of the actual size ... built with USD 30 million. The cost was breakeven after 3 years just by selling visitor ticket at USD 12. After breakeven, the ticket is reduced to USD 9 up to now .... hmm, I wonder if this scenario will happen in my country ? so far, I've seen prices going up, have not experience the discounted price yet ...

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mystic_grey said...

Damn... missed so many episodes of TAR liao.. dang dang.

TV shows damn kor thong leh.. all the old old one.. already tengok kat KL