Monday, November 07, 2005


Bahija made it to Grand Canyon :) ... I've mentioned GC a few times - finally - visited this world wonder - it is indeed huge and great - billions years of history.
This is where I wish Ringgit is traveling with me, he is a great scriber with super strong memory - one who can described everything, everywhere he visited. Bahija has bad memory, let me list down whatever I can remember before dissappear from my memories :P - this also serve as my mini travelogue ...

My short trip started from Phoenix, on highway 17, detoured to Montezuma's Castle National Monument, visited the cave house built by ancient Sinagua tribes, then the Montezuma's well.

Montezuma's Castle
Next, passed thru various scenic routes to Sedona - saw the red rocks, visited Chapel of The Holy Cross - this chapel was built on the red rocks - kind of cool ....and now Robert Redford is building his giant mansion opposite this chapel - blocking the nice feng sui. Then, stopped for rest in Flagstaff, had mexican dinner then head to Lowell Observatory - Flagstaff is a nice dark city - when we looked up on the sky - we saw many many many stars :) the view was so great - dark sky with brilliant 'diamonds', I'm amazed, thankful for that spectacular brightly night - diamonds all over my head :) There was a briefing on galaxy and various planets - pluto, mars, sun, earth, moon etc etc ... I learned another pollution - 'light pollution' - we hardly can see stars in big cities - simply because too much light been reflected into the skyzone. Over in Flagstaff, it is listed in US as one of the best place to research and view stars ....Bahija enjoyed the whole night outing, from the moment I stepped out from my car and looked up to the sky - the sky was so pretty :) best time to sing 'twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are'...that night, I used the giant telescope to see M15 stars. Then we could see Venus and Mars, sagitarius and many other stars. I went to bed with sweet dreams thinking of the diamonds :)

Next morning, drove to Grand Canyon - hahaha. First went to watch GC Imax movie .... then entered South Rim of GC , went to a few scenic spots to see the magnificient canyons. The only thing I regret is not able to try mules ride to Plateau Point ( there is only 1 mule trip each day, starts at 7:30 am ). That would be cool to hike down at the Canyon, soaking my legs on the Colorado River .....

South Rim of GC - Mather Point
Next, rushed to Nevada state. It was about 3.5 hrs drive. At 5 pm, I crossed Hoover Dam - Bahija watched 'Fools Rushed In' many times by Salma Hayek and Mathew Perry - been hoping to visit Hoover Dam ...well, wish granted, I did it - crossed the line, but too bad again - didn't have time to go for the tour. Then drove another 30 mins and entered the famous gambling city of the world - Las Vegas. The night before, I had so much fun enjoying the dark sky without any light pollution. Then now - it's the opposite, from far driving down the mountain - could see the whole bright city - full of lights. I visited LV a few times ( > 10 yrs ago). Back then, I enjoyed the walk on the strip - walked in to every hotel and checked out the nice decorations - and kaki tak sakit, tak tired, very energetic, very fun, very excited. Now, when I re-visited LV, the feeling was different already. I recalled 2 years ago - I happily asked Ringgit and Roti Telur to visit LV - that it's a great fun place ...hmmm, you know - I wouldn't say the same thing now. Age change my taste, my liking - to me, LV is just another big city full of hotels, entertainment, casinos, chapels and restaurants, drinks and lights. Given me a choice now, I enjoy watching red color Mars on the sky while sipping a cup of hot tea during this nice autumn time ...非常写意

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ringgit said...

I remember Mather Point. I think I was there. Did you walk into this Indian Handicraft's stall?

Did you visit Historic Route 66?