Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Bahija punya Msian niece #1 scored 7As for her UPSR 2 yrs ago. Today, niece #2 also scored 7As. WOW , pandai hor ! I sudah 5 mths ++ didn't go to movie theatre :( this is not a good sign leh. This saturday, celebration for nieces - all of us are watching HP4 Chicken Little , hey, my fav movie kakies - where are you ???

Next year niece #3 will sit for UPSR - I think she'll be under tremendous pressure trying to keep up with the good record. Hope she is the easy going, do her best and doesn't stress herself too much type of kid lah

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ringgit said...

I was thinking of going HP4 with AR and you this Saturday... coz AR will be in India for two weeks next week.. but you are watching with nieces.. HOW?