Friday, November 25, 2005


:) last year - Bahija gila 'Phantom of the Opera' , especially December - went to watch the movie version many times. This few days - suddenly hor - I'm surrounded with musical information , hehe

November(this weekend), a lot of my friends are watching 'Snow Wolf Lake' musical from Hong Kong casts.

December - 'Perhaps Love' is a another Hong Kong/chinese musical movie version - this one local cinema ada - so Bahija cheap2 will go try see see look look ..

'RENT' musical - Karen Mok is playing lead role in this musical, kat Singapore - I 'boh lui' lah ..

Then, AR told me 'Producer' is out on Movie version too ...I hope this movie is shown here locally , checked Gsc upcoming future movie lists - tak ada 'Producer' yet ...


Kancil said...

Snow Wolf Lake, too expensive. Somemore not the original cast.

Perhaps Love, I want to go for it! yeah!

RENT, if you can accept gay and lesbian. Then is ok ler. The whole show only have 1 interesting song. "Season of Love". I can forward the mp3 to you.

anti-ringgit said...


RENT is also on made for movie this DEC 05. Kancil, RENT is not only about gay and lesbian, it's about struggling artists from all walks of life in the seedy side of NY. However the writer of this musical was gay, and he died of AIDS just before the show went live on stage. He did not get to see his own production opened. He was a struggling artist himself!

ringgit said...

AR, is that why Rent became famous? A show about struggling artists created by a struggling, gay artist who died of AIDS. It is so tragic!!!