Tuesday, November 22, 2005

woman and flowers

Today is my eldest sister's bday. Eldest bro-in-law aka her hubby is away on business trip to Switzeland ( yah, he called home and said this "life is not complete without visiting Switzeland" ) My sister mentioned many times that buying flowers, sending flower bonquets are a waste of money. Today, I gave her a surprise -sent her '16 delicious Ferrero Rocher Chocolates arranged into a Hand Bouquet together with peacocks & statice' ...she's thrilled....her colleagues envied her - thought that her hubby so sweet, so 'romantis' sent her flowers :) HaHaHa...she smiled happy mood whole day.

Moral of this story and proven result, we - female or venus somehow like flowers lah, even though some women may say that buying flowers seem like a waste of money bla bla bla , but you know - when a woman receive flowers - I'm sure her heart is flooded with sweet blood - the feeling is cool :)

Today I broke record la, bro-in-law never send her flowers leh , aiyah - I ter-jumped queue. Personally, I dun agree in over-doing this, yes, this pleasing gimmick is expensive (money can be well spent in other better way)- but sometimes - this is what I call 情趣 ...got to have this once a while , to spice up the life mah


Dockers' Pant said...

Eh... I think your brother in law should say life is not complete without your sister. Apa lar, "life is not complete without visiting Switzeland"!?!! Then, if I were your sister, I will ask him to bring me to Switzeland lar.

Janice said...

hey, do u remember the flowers tat i sent u a few years ago ?! I remebered very well what ur reaction was!!!!!! Same theory applies ! :)

ringgit said...

One time, during Bahija's birthday, her friends at I-kei wanted to buy her flowers so that she can showed off to her new friends in In-kei. Too bad, we didn't have her office address in In-kei.. hahahaa.. LOL!