Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sweet little things ....

Appreciating those nice little sweet things happening today :) .......

a) Secret Agent had Valentine dinner with his 'Long Time Lover' - initially, I tot she must be his sweetheart - wrong wor, guess lah. I find it so sweet to describe her as 'Long Time Lover' :)

b) Yaya's reminder on 'a box of chocolate'. She reminded me that last year this time, I was in California. Valentine Day, I drove to Milpitas ( near Silicon Valley ) to meet her and hubby, brought along 'a box of chocolate' for her ....never thought this small little gift was registered in her mind till now.... Yesterday, she reminded her hubby about that box of chocolate ....and of course - they thought of me :) - cool

c) Mr.HRC sent me this sweet V-ecard

d) Watched a lovely romantic movie - I do, but I Don't

e) Received a lovely physical V-card dedicated to the dearest princess, sent from far far away - so touched, the thought is greatly appreciated :)

g) My highschool kakis - we named our gang ' 大圈圈' = Bulatan Besar. CNY eve, I smsed them using 'Bulatan Besar'. Today, Boh Boh emailed me, expressing her anger. She's pregnant. She asked why was I so rude by calling her - a pregnant woman as Bulatan Besar...she's so cute, I had a good laugh. This is a miscommunication or rather mis-interpretation. I'll re-connect our Bulatan Besar this weekend :)

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