Saturday, February 05, 2005

Conversion with a MAS steward

I was queuing to check in my luggage. There was this big group of cabin crew caught my attention. They look Malaysians, but their crew uniforms doesn’t belong to the MAS team, I was curious. To my surprise, when I boarded my flight, there was this Chinese crew guy ( quite decent looking ..see see man man ), sitting just next to me. Wow, si Bahija, after buckled the belt, straight away turn my head to left and asked him “Are you a steward ?” He replied yes, then we started the conversation ….to me, he would be categorized as a shy man, sebab he replied my questions in short sentences. But I was so curious to find out more about his job, I kept prompting him. Eventually, he’s more relaxed and told me more thing…..hahaha.. Perseverance and Persistence are the keys to Success ! Hey, don’t get me wrong, I wasn't flirting with him :P (now thinking back, I may be too aggressive and ter-takut-kan him liao …yuh, lain kali must act ‘see man’ and talk less)

OK, back to the story, MAS has this crew called temporary crew. This temp crew only open to Malaysian citizens, to those crew members who decided to settle down in Malaysia, and to those who are over the age limit of the general cabin crew. MAS will subcon them to whichever airlines which need temporary staffs, such as SIA, Cathay, Japan, European airlines etc. This round, this crew are contracted to do the Hajj flight. Have you heard of Air Atlanta ? Air Atlanta HQ is in Iceland, and MAS is the stakeholder. One of their Hajj route fly muslim folks to Mecca for their hajj. The crew is now on their way to Jeddah to bring back Malaysian Haji and Hajjah. The Hajj season starts in early December, and end in March, total 46 days. There are 2 entry ports in Saudi Arabia, one in Medina, and one in Jeddah. Only muslim can enter Medina, so this chinese guy can never fly to Medina. He shared his experience of serving those tired muslim folks who return from Hajj. A lot of them are sick, down with flu or cough. Also a lot of the older folks cannot make it home safely. So there are a lot of coffins being shipped back … I kinda like the idea of this flexible temporary workforce.

Next, I’m thinking …..why am I so curious of Hajj ? A more precise one should be why do I show interest on things related to Islam now ? I have a favourite cab driver in Penang, on the way to airport today, I shared with him stories of Egypt, Habibi, Mohammad Ali (Alabaster) Mosque …..the ‘magic’ is still flowing strong within me …. OH YA, today at the blurred lunch, Dockers Pant’s new team mate sat next to me, she asked about Egypt. So I briefly described to her about Egypt, and end the topic saying that her life will change after the trip …. YUH, now I connect all this events – are these synchronicity to me again, if yes ...then apa ???

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