Thursday, February 17, 2005


I’m into this spiritual soul searching thingy lately ….all I do is to let Him draw me closer, open my heart, worship Him ….blessings and amazing things are happening to me, I felt His presence. A friend asked how was the feeling like ? I’m so sorry to him, I couldn’t explain or describe it well, I wish I could :(

Tonight, attended a program ….there is this lady who is non Christian (new to christianity – very much like me), she shared her testimony – and I swear all the things she said – I 100% agree, and exactly replica happening to me as well …there I was, nodding my head non-stop. In other words, I’ve found someone who understand what I’m going thru now, I’m not alone, I’m not insane :)

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ringgit said...

I made a post on how God works through people after reading your blog. And that is because if you were to think of it, perhaps God sent Habibi to both of us to probe us to think and accept him. He was successful with you.. and maybe now he's working through you to reach me? Hmm... how about that?