Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine

When I was young, just started working in the previous company, Valentine was the day I hate to go to office. I had the choice of working in my office or go to work at the customer sites. There were some years, I couldn’t escaped and need to work from office on this day. So, that time, 14th, 19th, 20th and 21st floors, were kind of happening, a lot of young folks and a few hot chicks or pretty girls … so from 10 am onwards, could see they would prepared themselves, no mood to kerja liao…got ready to pick up phone call from reception, to pick up their flowers at 15th floor. For some of the popular girls, this was like a competition, to see who received the most flowers ….then almost at the end of the working day, those so called gentlemen in my department would go around surveying, counting who had the most bouquets of flowers or gifts and present a report ( so so ‘pak kuah’ hor )….

One year this day, OFK ‘kesian’ Greedy and myself , hey, should be both of us ‘kor lean’ him and accompanying him … 3 of us went dinner kat Desa Sri Hartamas Hor Poh Village (Hakka food), spent the night chit chatting with sumptuous food, I only remembered the food aje, couldn’t remembered our topic of conversations….back then, he liked to talk rubbish …that’s how I remembered him, and I usually switched off my ears ( so rude of me ) …

I say to appreciate our loved ones or friends Anytime, Now, Today, it is a present tense – not just on this one day aje , also appreciate with sincere 'heart'

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