Sunday, February 06, 2005

Greeting from someone special ….

21st century, ecards and SMS are the ‘IN’ things, I hardly buy/use physical card now. Last time, a month before CNY, I would prepared a long list, bought the cards, wrote some stories, then mailed to my friends both local and overseas.

Sometimes, I do treasure the joy of receiving a physical greeting card, knowing that the sender takes the effort and time thinking of me, selecting the card, and mailing it all the way to me. This year, so far, I’ve received only one, the first one as well – treating it like a treasure. Guess from who ? Mrs Lily Ooi. She’s my high school teacher. Taught me mathematics and additional math. My favourite teacher. She’s very dedicated and professional, had a lot of passion in her teaching. She inspired the whole class – to excel in our mathematics. If I remembered well, our class broke the history record of achieving 100% good score ! She transferred from a reputable school and started teaching us in form 4. (I couldn’t remembered which school, could be St John). Since she taught us 2 classes, we basically met her everyday. We liked to attend her class, she motivated us, triggered our mind to think think think …gave us a lot of homework, and would stayed back after school to mark our homework. It was not ‘cincai’ kind of marking though, she went thru each of our solutions carefully, marked them and even suggested better alternatives. See, for a class of 40+ students, she spent huge amount of time and ‘sam kei’ marking our homework. We learned to appreciate her, enjoyed having her. She was one of the best teacher. We observed her dressing, her style, her behaviour, even her hairstyle ….then gossiped, laughed about it ….we could guessed what dress she'd wear the next day… Chee Mui, remember her favorite dress – the white collar apple green dress? She’s our topic of discussion, Oh, we also noticed her ‘curry chicken’ on her neck as well :P …

Anyway, she retired years ago, and migrated to New Zealand. I’m surprise to receive this ‘no return address’ greeting card from her …..I need to dig my old address book for her home address.

To all my readers, Happy Chinese New Year ! wishing you a joyous, prosperous Roaster Year 新年快乐 :)


Kancil said...

Greeting from Penang.... "Keong Hee Huat Chai"

I decided not to sign up the Eruope trip. My friend told me not worth it. We do not have much of our own time. Most of the time in queue up buying the "branded goods".

Anonymous said...

Why is she sending you a card with no return address? Aren't she wants someone to keep in touch with her?