Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Flashed back to 1996, should be in the month of June or July – at 15th floor reception. A young big eyes energetic girl walked to the reception. I walked past that area and overheard her name, her surname caught my attention and I captured her in my mind ….months later , I got to know her personally thru a colleague at 14th floor.

Next, I went to Melaka with friends and ex-colleagues, Greedy was driving her car. While she was taking an exit at Alor Gajah, a friend of us mentioned his Chinese surname, boy boy boy ….greedy was on 5th gear high speed and she almost lost control and hit the ramp leh ……kinda dahsyat !

So, what’s so special with this 2 person ? Both of them have the same surname ‘Dragon’ – the super ONG strong powerful Chinese word / animal …. One is in Chinese , one is in English. It’s an auspicious name, I would said …..It’s my pleasure knowing this 2 Dragons :)

The Tin Hou Kong Temple ( Goddess of Heaven ) display a very colorful Dragon, whereas the rest of the animals are small and no color ( so so so unfair, my animal is super small and ugly ) :P

When I saw this Dragon last month, I thought of them :)

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ringgit said...

I think Greedy was too surpised by that person's Full name (not just his surname) that she almost lost control of the car.. :)