Saturday, February 05, 2005


This afternoon, my family all carpool in my sweety (car). As usual, we had lots of conversations on things happening on us and around us. Suddenly, my mum said this "if i want to be a christian, how do I settle my Nirwana tomb ? can a chirstian buried together with a non-christian ?". I was TOTALLY SHOCKED, couldn't believed what I heard. In my life so far, I've NEVER EVER hear this from my mum. It's amazing that she said that today out of nowhere.... Praise the Lord ! Such a miracle to me, I quickly took this opportunity to share my faith in god with my family members (this item has been bothering me for weeks)... mum and sister said they respect my choice :) - I'm so glad !!

When I knew I was saved, I wasn't happy, but sad and felt uneasy...I'm sad because I'm goin to heaven and my family is not. I've been praying to god. I even told my cell leader that my mum already bought her tomb (together with my dad's), and have her funeral activities planned and setup via the chinese would be a dream to have her accept christ. Today, I realized that Me and Mum both think alike, both of us have the same doubt, same question in our mind. It is so awesome that God hear my prayers and grant me this miracle. From here, I know things are possible, I've my blessings and I'll work on this !! Miracle, miracle, miracle, it's been a new life experience after my decision, god of words are so powerful, I'm indeed blessed to receive them..... thank you Lord !


ringgit said...

Do you still remember a few months ago we chatted about this seeking God in msn? In that chat you said Mido "damaged" both of us :) To think that was like 3 months ago! Who would have thought that you made the first move! And now your mother is swaying towards your faith.


Kancil said...

I am glad that your mom finally accepted your decision.
I will talk to you more through MSN. See you.