Sunday, February 20, 2005


As I mentioned before, my family tree is simple, but I hardly have the full family attendance – as some of my siblings are overseas. To me, having everyone gather together, enjoying a nice, peaceful, joyous meal together – is something I always value the most !! Last night, on the way to restaurant, I suddenly smiled….my brother saw me smiling, and asked why ? I told him, I’m glad to eat dinner (吃饭) together. Big Brother nodded his head and smiled and agreed.

Throughout the dinner, our conversation was on how blessed each and everyone is, when we did the ‘loh sang’ - my siblings wished for healthy, happy lives, happy family – and not wealth only. As we mature in life, after going thru the ups and downs, sweet and sour, we do realize Health is Wealth and United Family are the sweetest gifts of all :) . The dinner ended with a dessert – glutinous rice ball (汤圆) ginger soup, which signified ‘Reunion’ …. niceeeee

Next, by right, one should enjoy and appreciate the good food, but in my case, there is just too much food within this short time – kesian my body .. Have you ever wonder Malaysian food are so high in cholesterol ? The food we had :- char kuay teow, nasi lemak, asam laksa, curry laksa, Indian rojak, satay, ketupat, cendol, roti canai, prawn mee, hokkien mee, durian, oysters, abalone, piglet, big prawns, preserved duck rice .. my far far away friends must be ‘homesick for food’ reading this list :P

Since my brother from Hong Kong have returned, and I’ve attended my CNY reunions, next week kena hop on simple diet, simple life and exercise ....

Amazingly - this is a super duper busy weekend, yet all things, all meetings, all events carried out beautifully - without me cancelling anything or FFK anyone ...turned out to be such a blissful weekend for so so cool :)

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