Saturday, February 26, 2005

My 21st Birthday

Last night a big group of my colleagues went to Klang Teluk Gong for seafood. Teluk Gong seem to be a famous place for seafood this days….My colleagues have been wanting to visit this place. All eager to drive far far away to taste the food. This area is sort of my territory, I gladly showed them the way ….IMO, Teluk Gong seafood is OK only, but price is quite cheap or reasonable.

Some of the gang members had a surprise for the birthday boy, bought him 2 cakes, 1 was to trick him – smashed on his face while he’s blowing the candles…. the other one was a real cake for makan punya .

I recalled my unforgettable 21st birthday. I was in a small little town called Warrensburg in Missouri State. My Malaysian friends belanja me Chinese dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, then we went to Super Wal-Mart store to buy fresh lobsters, had a good feast at my friend’s house. Lobster goes well with beer, we drank, laughed …having so much fun. It was a cold winter night, half way thru the beer and lobster session, I was called to go outside of the house to collect something …so I did …little did I know when I stepped out, I was freezing, my body was wet soaked in beer, and in pain as well– bcoz friends threw 3 dozens of eggs on me….all I could do was shout, covered my face with hands …and let them ‘played’ me lah …. I was totally wet from head to toe, so so cold standing on the pathway full of snow outside of the house ….every seconds counts – when the eggs flew to my directions and hit me splashhhhhh, and whipped cream flew from one angle, and another angle was beer poured onto me …..aiyuh yuh ….two ‘S’ words – Sejuk & Sakit. The crowd enjoyed this show …. I was like a snowman :)

After the stunt show, my kind hearted friends allowed me to freshen up myself, then presented me a gift – a purple color Victoria Secret silk nightie, I guess to symbolize the freedom age or being grown up liow …..we continue the beer party till wee hours. What a creative or ‘mean’ way of celebrating my 21st birthday. Seriously, I only need this once :), glad that it was a winter as well, if not, I may ended up drunk and left sleeping on the street whole night ( just like my Uni best friend ) ....those were some of the 'odd' things we did back then in a foreign country, hehe

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