Friday, February 18, 2005

'Everyone can shuffle like the blind too'

Good use of Ipod Shuffle .... So glad that Ipod shuffle is an affordable and good gadgets for the visually impared folks, 'it' lights up their life with the lovely music ....Kudos to Apple !!

Janice told me once she wanted to volunteered in MAB ( Malaysian Association of Blind ) - they need volunteers to read story books, to do translations etc ...Of all the special care associations in Malaysia, I find MAB a good one. They actively train the visually impaired folks to be independent and earn a living...So folks, if you are thinking of a massage - try the blind massage in Breakfields, or if you are shopping in Mid Valley Megamall, after the long walking trips, you can drop by the MAB foot reflexology center ( 3rd floor i think - opposite Jusco's entrance ) .....I tried blind massages a few times, these people are so friendly and humble....I found joy communicating and helping them, as well as rewarding myself, truly a win/win :)

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