Thursday, February 17, 2005


Case 1 –
In college's ladies washroom, Yaya and myself in the ladies doing small business – there also my mouth so busy - I commented that Miss A wasn’t pretty, not sexy, bla bla bla ….then flushed and opened the door …viola, Miss A was standing in front – heard the whole conversation. She looked at me madly. Oh Oh …since then, she never talked or smiled with me lioa …..I also didn’t apologize to her, so bad of me :(

Case 2 -
Handphone has this speed dial feature, can store up to 8 phone numbers which we dial often. This incident happened 5 years ago, I was in a car and my colleague was driving. Topic of discussion was work-related, and we were gossiping about a colleague – Mr Teluk Intan ..bla bla bla, I didn’t realize that my phonepad wasn’t locked, PLUS I also ter-tekan his speed dial number. So I knew he sort of heard ‘the heart’ of the stories , it was really ‘OH MY GOSH’ and finding a hole to bury my head. Almost till the end of the conversation, he actually gave me a call, and told me I ter-called him…. I remembered well I was so malu, felt my face was on fire, hot ….. and speechless. After that incident, prior starting or entering the gossiping session, I kinda take a peek at my handphones, just to make sure …. I always lock my phones now …

Case 3 -
Just 30 minutes ago, got a phone call --- I left my phone in my bag – unlock (so careless again), while moving around – it accidentally dialed twice to the first name on my phonebook – hahaha, Mr. Soon To Be GM, he returned a call to tell me the 2 accident calls…..we chatted for a while – this is like ‘thing happen for a reason’, I read an article published by him 2 weeks ago while he was in Shanghai, last night talked about him….Well, luckily I wasn’t doing naughty things this time , huuiiii

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