Saturday, February 05, 2005

Blurred Lunch

For years, my sau kung lunches were Chinese dishes and Lo Sang ( or Yee Sang ). This year, my Penang friends are very innovative, thinking out of box. We went for Indian food, Mumbai Palace at Crystal Square. The ambience is nice. I love the papadam comes with mint & chutney dip…so yummy, refilled many rounds.

This Indian restaurant has ventilation problem, as we sat longer inside the restaurant, our visibility deteriorated, getting blurred …the whole restaurant was so smorky! We were joking that at the end of our meal, we may not be able to see each other liao….One of my friend experienced eyes irritation, and Dockers Pant pula had bleeding nose ….. powerful leh.

The service was super duper slow, waited so long for everything. Everyone said NO secong time to this place. Later, we found out there was no 10% service charges wor, so that could be the reason for this tortoise service. Anyway, as I always tell my friends, it is not the food that matters, it is the company. My department kakis love photo sessions. It was indeed my honor to close this Chinese Calender year with them. While the service was slow, I got to chit chat with the girls, had some small talks and photo sessions. It was a blissful blurred lunch … check out the photo, it also displayed the misty look

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