Thursday, February 03, 2005


I’m same boat with Ringgit. This year, the CNY mood wasn’t there at all. Previous years, I would brought goodies, cookies, setup the decorations, have pre, during and post CNY activities on my calender. This year, super quiet, nothing has been done at all. I guess I’ve used up my energy for Christmas last year ….

Reflected those fun time attending many ‘sau kung’ and ‘houi kung’ meals with my ex-colleagues. One of my favourite gang consists of Bootidelicious, Ringgit, Anti-Ringgit, Emily, NLK. Greedy and Joey ( I think they also pernah joined) – usually we ate dim sum at Summer Palace Restaurant at Damansara Kim, which came with the ‘yee sang’ dish …. We threw in all our wishes for a better, prosperous new year etc etc etc …..

When I joined my current company, the tradition also present. The last Friday before CNY, and the first working Friday during CNY – we the whole gang (mixture rojak from various departments – min 2 10-seats tables ) would go for 2 hours lunch break, to Hoi Tin Restaurant, and celebrated our ‘sau kung’ and ‘houi kung’ meals. Here, we ordered various Chinese dishes. I realized that I haven’t captured a single photo …..this is bad, need to snap some liao

This year, the timing is so great. Since I’m in Penang, I’ve the privilege of celebrating with my Penang colleagues ( all from my department ), this is a rare opportunity…. I’m looking forward enjoying their company tomorrow – the Penang way – yey !

I’m a KL city girl, celebrated CNY in KL most of the time. Surprisingly, Penang folks already anticipated their CNY, they started burning firecrackers during midnight or early morning… last 2 nights, it was so disturbing for people, like me, who wished to have a good night sleep. Imagine this during CNY in Penang ? I’m sure firecrackers are everywhere, though it is riuh-rendah CNY atmosphere ….but kesian to those who doesn’t celebrate this festival or those young babies or people who just want a peaceful quiet night … may be they just need to practice tolerance and patience during that time kuah ….muhibah celebration !

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