Thursday, January 27, 2005

my choice

I met my University’s lecturer, he’s the Vice President of a reputable bank, very high profile, a smart guy. We talked about life, what’s happening around, then eventually the topic on what am I doing now ? why left the previous company etc … He commented that I should hop from one job to another, get the contacts, and the glory title, get the higher position, from manager to senior manager etc, don’t waste time, from there onwards, he bla bla bla bla ……

Then, another event a friend of mine also said that being single, I should climb corporate ladder, utilize my time focus on career. Again, to me, another bla bla bla bla …..

I used to be sensitive with this kind of comment, and got into mini depression… yeah , bodoh kan ! Heck, this makes no difference to me now ….want to know why , read my previous blog.

What I want to say here is , it is all about CHOICE and PRIORITY. Some people enjoys being in control, the challenges of climbing corporate ladder – which is perfectly fine, a very good vision, and I’m happy if my friends choose to do so, I support him/her. Likewise, there are people who is family oriented or spiritually oriented etc, and there is also people like me, who, at this moment, just lazy to care much on career. I prefer peace of mind, get my work done, enjoy getting off from work early, go home, go for drinks, watch TV, watch movies, lepak with friends or sisters, spending time with mum or simply just lay back do nothing dreaming …. Does this mean that I’m useless or less ambitious ? NO. I just have my own way of living my life, making myself happy and no regret about it ….My friends who think otherwise, I just think you need to respect my choice ! :)


rotitelur said...

I respect your choice but what I am telling you is that you have great potential to be the GM of some famous company. However, as long as you are happy, I am happy for you.

Kancil said...

Don't let others influence your mind. You should be proud of yourself. Many years ago I was a career focus person. Always think of building up my technical skills. After A serious incident happened in Singapore. I changed my view. I become a totally brand new person. I worked because of money. Money is to fulfill my dreams. I don't care of technical anymore. As long as I have a secure job, that's enough. Until I get tired... then change the job scope.

Now I am looking forward to an easy life. After office hour, I go home and watch TV or listen to my favourite songs. Meeting old friends, Eating and Singing KTV is leading my days in my life now. I don't bother in my works anymore. Just as long as I meet the dateline, then I am safe.

Well... All I have to say here for myself is. treat the office as my home. Seeing my friends everyday is a pleasure for me. :)

I believe you read my blog. I am suffering from Insomnia. My friend asked me to consult a doctor. She worried that I infected with a kind of illness - 甲肰腺機能亢奮. What's that??? Totally no idea at all. Doctor will tell me more.

Bahija said...

To secret agent, I find this name unique. It was that particular day you gave me an insider news - thus, I called u my secret agent. it is also that day, you started your first blog ! I'm proud of you and happy for myself ...blogging connecting people.