Saturday, January 08, 2005

Having a baby

One of my favourite blog - make sense to me. Reading hers today, brought me back to years ago - the thought of having my own baby. Had this talk with greedy. Back then, we said, if we reached 35, and still single, we should go get a man and have our own baby. We talked about various ways to get us conceived. When we were young, getting pregnant seem easy. Now, at my age, I don't know how easy is it to be..I do have friends who have gone thru many procedures yet failed. Sometimes, it is ironic. People who wants baby, one whom I know for sure has all the requirements of being a good parent - dream so hard, yet to no avail. Then, there are those who simply wants to get rid of baby or abortion. I was told recently that hospital is legally doing abortion now. 'Legal' in the sense that one can go to the hospital and seek help to abort , it's not a publicly known thing. It's still done quietly, but do-able. The whole purpose is provide an avenue for people to abort it safely. So, back to what I wanted to blog .... hmm. Back then, I do have dream or urge to have baby. Today, this is no longer valid. Why? If I could be conceived, pregnant 9 months - I can handle that. After 9 mths, a life is brought to this world. And this life comes with HUGE BURDEN and RESPONSIBILITIES. I would have to prepare myself mentally, physically, financially, and other ly's. This is not an easy job, plus doing all by myself. The other main reason is that - it is so unfair or selfish to bring a life to this world, yet I cannot provide him / her with a complete family. Man and woman play different roles. No matter what century we are in, I still think a complete family is the right way of bringing up a healthy child. Benjamin secretly told me this as well, he wished he could have a daddy, and stay happily with mummy. My heart was sore .... I hate to say this - 'I pity him ...'

Okie, enuf on this topic ....end with an abstract from odissi's blog - Our lives are our movies and there is no understudy for us and there is no rewind, fast forward or pause button. There is only 'play'.

nice and make sense , rite ?

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rotitelur said...

Single, successful women should not be punished for not able to have their own children. I know it is hard on the mother and the kids but if the kids can be brought up in an environment thatis full of love and joy, surrounded by extended families who love them, then it should not be an issue.