Thursday, January 27, 2005

One of my dream

I blamed this on TAR, for the past 2 thursday, after TAR ..I no mood to work, cannot focus ..... ai, i think it is because I slept too late, opsss.
Anyway, chatting with Secret Agent about my dream. I've got many dreams listed in my blogs lately hor ? haha

There is this dream of being able to let go everything I have, pack and travel around the world freely, or just Europe itself will do as well. I would have to work as waitress or some mini minor care-leh-fer jobs to earn some pocket money for my journey. To travel alone in Europe is do-able, and quite safe. After all, with my 'talkative' skill ( as pointed out by Ringgit ), I know I have no problem meeting people, getting acquaintance along the way. That would be an eye-opening, adventurous, significant trips !! Now, if this is the case, then the more I shouldn't think of upgrading car, becasue that is burden on me. I should move forward with debt-free planning, and transform all my current liabilities into assets, self generating income ! --this is do-able as well. The only thing I don't have is a strong skill that make me marketable, such as a skill that very few people posses, and I could have the advantage of it .... aiiii ( wish I learnt this earlier ), hmmm, should I still 'mati-mati' stick with my humble mainframe skills ??

Toyota Altis 1.96% interest - so so so tempting ...... but but but .....

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