Thursday, January 13, 2005

AR - part II

Ha Ha ....still on this topic. This morning, after my early meeting, quickly showered, trying to rush to office - nak head straight to pantry mah - for AR forum. Well, this morning traffic extremely heavy (so kiew)...stucked in jam, radio show 'perfect match', the lady contestant LOVES AR, she also like me, every wednesday, no matter what - must stay in front of TV by 8 pm ..wah ha ha !! Her hubby cannot stand that ...

Shazmin, the DJ - I like her. She's funny, happy go lucky and talk sense...She also SUPER fan of reality TV shows. She commented that women usually addicted to reality shows such as AR, American or Msian Idiol, The Aprentice, Fear Factor etc etc ....Whereas most men don't like them..... I know my male friends enjoy this as much as I am :)

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ringgit said...

But we are not as OBSESSED as women.