Tuesday, January 18, 2005

保养 - take care of ourselves (ladies)

This is a sharing for my female readers. Chee Mui, listen to me .... we need to take care of ourselves. Make sure to take Pak Chan Char 八珍茶 monthly, or if you can find Eu Yan Sang Gold Label Bak Foong pills, take this as often as you can. These are good for us, don't be lazy ! I didn't believe this last time, I seldom care about this pills or any sort of soup which is supposed to make us healthier. Last year, I experienced bad health related to female eg white discharge, short and out of menstruation cycle. I consulted chinese doctor, talked to many colleagues, closed friends and mum (almost make an appointment with gynae), everyone same voice, recommended to take pak chan char, and if can afford, take bak foong pills as well (this is expensive 6 small packs for RM 80). I tried those frequently, now, I can see / feel the difference. It is working ... I also try to avoid too much white vegetable (too 'leong' for us) .... If you are always lack of sleep and live in a stressful lifestyle, the more you should pay attention to your body !!!

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