Thursday, January 27, 2005

May the good force be with him !

A friend of mine promoted to manager, so we went makan celebrated his promotion. During the dinner, he shared with me some of the new things or rather eye-opening things he is going thru now. Besides the additional workload being a manager, managing his staffs, managing the businesses, customers etc etc, he also need to entertain those VIPs within his organization. They have this role called ‘entertainment manager’, and this role by default goes to the new ciku ( new manager ) of course. When special guests such as VP, senior managers visiting them, he’ll need to plan the entertainment and fun programs.

He told me he’s so new in this area, so far he’s been to various night entertainment centers in KL, spa, karaoke, massage centers. Massage centers are the one which caught my attention. I know the people he works with. I’ve good impression of them, until now, when my friend told me those ‘extra activities’ they do after work ( massage center have 2 floor, second floor for ‘special services’), oh boy …what a shock for me ! Next time, when I meet them, my mind sure project an animal face instead of their faces, man man man, why are most men so gatal ?

That night, my mind flashed back to years ago, I met this guy. He worked as a bank loan officer. My first impression on him was good, thought he was a good guy. Then later found out he earned a lot of money within short period of time, he got to upgrade his car easily to luxury car, bought properties, spent lavishly …..very suspicious, hey, as a bank officer, and quite junior – cannot be earning big bucks lah ….common sense. Later found out he actually took bribe, did the under table thingy on the loans. He switched job easily hopped from one bank to another banks. Back then, I questioned myself, would I be comfortable going out with him? Could I accept what he did? The answer was so straight forward, he’s not my cup of tea, I cannot live with someone who is not ethical, without the strong good principles and values.

For my friend who is going through this test, a great fan of star wars, may the force be with him, that he stays away from the dark force, hope he doesn’t get trapped in those unhealthy, unfaithful activities, IMO - which would eventually destroy him (stay away from Satan) . May he be strong holding on to his principles !


anti-ringgit said...

My dear...that's men! They can love somebody very much like setting up a family but on their DARK SIDE they WANT to have extra activities with strangers strings attached relationship. Especially successful men I noted. $$ can't buy love but $$ can buy satisfactions. So when you grow old make sure you stay pretty eh!

ringgit said...

As a man, I can attest to that. It's the animal lust within us. Difficult to tame. If tame liow, will be like anti-ringgit :P

But of course, I am just joking. It is a matter of principles and conscience. Most men have very low regard for principles so they will have affair or look for quick satisfactions. They throw principles out of the window as though they throw their drink packet. No regards to the law.

But these are men who are successful usually married. So, does this mean women are generally blind? Hmm.. food for thought.