Saturday, January 22, 2005

Handshake Dilemma

Last Wednesday radio FM 94.5, the DJ Richard talked about his handshake dilemma. He doesn’t like limp handshake, or finger-shake…..I thought of my own dilemma years ago. I was at customer site, meeting a group of senior executives, when the senior manager (a muslim guy ) came to join the group, I politely introduced myself, and extended my hand straight to him. For long time no response, everyone was quiet and starring at me, that moment, I just want to dig a hole and sorrow my kepala inside the hole. So embarrassed, felt humiliated! Two things in my mind – 1, what’s wrong with this man ? for goodness, shake my hand lah. 2, geram with him though still had to ‘kek kek’ smile with him.

Left with no choice, I quietly tarik balik my hand, and pretended nothing happened. Later of the day, I met with my muslim colleagues, wanted to know why why why ???

My colleagues asked me not to handshake with muslim men or women, let them initiate the handshake ( if they want to ). Due to religion, some of them may be restricted from physical contact with opposite sex….. oh well, I learnt the hard way, some basic etiquette. Personally, I enjoy firm strong handshake, more sincere, but make sure the hands are clean yeah ! I’m prepared with an excuse if I don’t feel like shaking someone’s hand, just say ‘my hands are dirty’ or ‘I’ve got skin disease and don’t want to pass to you’ ….bravo

New comment – I was discussing this topic with my boss yesterday. He agreed and also won’t extend his hand, he would let the other party initiate the handshake , smart ! Well, u see, my company is globalized. All of us need to attend the various trainings eg working with Malaysian 101, working with American 101, working with Indian 101 etc... He learnt how to deal with the Malaysians …

p/s : I'm glad Habibi is not like this, he hugged us - cool !

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