Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Be positive about my country !

My US direct manager is in town, he'll spend time with me this Thursday and Friday. I'm preparing my mind, mentoring Habibi now, trying to be proud of my country ....hahaha. Seriously, I've been an informal KL tour guide for many times, mostly to mat sallehs from USA. Everytime, I would kutuk my own country - corruption, dirtiness, lack of development, world class infrastruture with low class mentality etc etc ... I tend to compare with other developed countries and kutuk my own country on the negative sides. After visited Egypt, I got to know that their corruption is even worst, their poverty level is so high, their air quality is so bad, their money is so old. The tip for me is not to compare, each country has its own problems as well as achievements. From a tourist perspective, I think I should have more 'sense of ownership' and proudly introduce the beauty of my country to them, of course I may add in a little bit of my negative judegement :). So, this time, I hope to value add to my country ....sound so 'wai dai' 伟大 yeah !!

My boss is very keen on the ghost tour , found one operate from KL - Asian Spooks Experience, for USD 44, dinner included, it covers 3 hour tour to various places to experience the ghost spirit.....gosh, initially, I thought I can take up this challenge, the more I think of it, the more I gementar. I had to dissappoint my boss, and chicken out. ( He said he will only go if I go with him ...sorry man, I can't do this ! I don't want to be haunted and trapped in sleepless nights )

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ringgit said...

Tsk tsk tsk... As much as I dislike my country, I don't criticize it in front of a visitor. It's like airing your families' dirty laundry for your neighbour to see! A country depend on its citizen to progress. Your negative mentality only shows to the visitors why it has "low class mentality" :P