Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How addicted am I to AR ?

Lately, I always make sure I’m free and stay at home on Wednesday night, and breakfast at office pantry on Thursday morning, to talk to colleagues on ‘Amazing Race’….
Tonight, I need to clear the fresh vegetables in my refrigerator, thus decided to cook for dinner. Sister bought Bak Kut Teh, and I prepared the ala carte - lunch meat with egg, ginger taufu and asparagus belacan. While busy preparing the food, my eyes kept looking at the clock ( many many many times ). I kept rushing myself to speed up….I was driving myself crazy !!! When the show AR was aired at 8 pm, my mind was 100% focused. My eyes were looking straight on the TV, my ears were tuned to the show while my mouth was chewing the food ….. I didn’t know what my sister were talking about, no eye contact with her as well. She was talking to air alone. After this hectic night, I told my sister, there is no more cooking on Wednesday night. It has to be a relaxing night, so that I’m all set for AR ! Kris and Jon – I’m giving you all my full support, please win this game …… I even pull in another fan to support them …. She is none other than my dear DaiKahChek Anita :)


rotitelur said...

I am obsess about Sex and The City at the moment. I have to watched at least one episode in my bed before I sleep. It is either you are absolutely normal or both of us are having problems.

ringgit said...

LOL! That's why it is better to see at 12am. No one will kacau. This Adam is such a wuss! So freaking sissy. He shamed all men! Reminds me of anti-ringgit.

I really dig Kris and Jon. I hope they will win. Next week will be very interesting!