Sunday, January 23, 2005

Remembrance of Egypt

Egypt again ....hahaha. Miloflamingo words "I've never met anyone whose life was unchanged by Egypt, for better or worse".... This is really true for a few of us who have visited Egypt. Sound silly, but TRUE. My own experience, I'll blog it later.

Tonight, I brought friends to Miss Artificial's restaurant. There's this special connection with her, the more I talked to her, the more I like her. Her dressing is like an Egyptian arabic style...I made a joke on her, and she said this "Since I got back from Egypt, I think of it often, and naturally, I also dress arabic like" ( then she laughed ). See her changes ! We brought the fun stories to the table, shared with my friends - the topic about ham sak egyptians, rich ancient cultures and believes, mosque, muslim woman and cover up, power of pyramids etc etc etc ... Miss Artificial and myself kept laughing! She ended the conversation that ' EGYPT is AMAZING' .... I hope my friends will one day choose to visit this country, coz I already hardsell to them 'ur life will change' in some way !

This Miss Artificial has been to many places, she spends a lot of her time watching Discovery Travel channel. Test her on the wonders of the world, the famous places, I bet she has the answers. In my eyes, she is a hang fuk happy woman, get to explore the world. Her next destination is Cambodia Angkor Wat on Jan 26. She's nervous to go there free and easy alone. Yet she has the courage to go, she said she needs to complete her plan this year. I'll see her probably next month - for her updates on Angkor Wat, and to see my Egypt group photo.

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